Worship Team Auditions

We get to chase after Heaven together and follow the Holy Spirit obediently in what He’s asking!

Audition Information!

Thank you for your interest in joining our worship team! 

Because of the nature of worship ministry, we have some expectations we hold team members to graciously. We believe it is vital for every person on the stage of our church to be in relationship with their savior, Jesus Christ. The vision for our team members is that we would be a group of leaders who are ready, willing, and passionate about leading people to encounter Jesus. If we are not doing that, we are missing it. We understand that you may not always feel close to God when you play, or you may have had a fight with your spouse that morning, or made an unfortunate choice the night before. There is no condemnation here! But as a worship department, we are asking that you view yourself as a leader of our church. When you show up to play, we want you to be expectant and excited for how God will use you to lead.

The desire of our hearts is that you would be a partner with CyLife, committed to a small group, and in a discipling relationship. We hope that if you are not already involved in these things, that through relationships built on the team, you would see the value of this and make the necessary sacrifices to choose it. 

We are going after a culture of humility and teachability. With a performance/stage ministry comes a lot of temptation to make something that's intended for God more about ourselves than Him. You will need to stay coachable in areas of vocal/musical skill, style preference, relational conflict, emotional health, and spiritual immaturities. We are doing something that can be incredibly meaningful and emotional together so we must care for people on the team well and be committed to growing in how we contribute to the team. We desire to be like Jesus in how He came to serve and not be served. We are not celebrities and while we are navigating a lot on Sunday mornings, we seek out opportunities and ways to serve other team members, the tech team, the pastors and the congregation. We are not competing with our teammates for anything… We are on the same team going after the same goal!

We do not currently have a mid-week rehearsal, but this is subject to change, especially around a holiday service event. We have Sunday morning rehearsals only so we expect each of our musicians/vocalists to come fully prepared with their parts, incredibly familiar with the outline of the service, and ready to just put it all together with the rest of the team. We use Planning Center Online (PCO) for all of our service planning. Team members receive requests to serve on specific dates and can view all the service elements and have all the practicing resources they need. We utilize in-ear monitoring and if you’re unfamiliar with this, we will gladly walk you through this adjustment. Click-track competency is essential for each musician and vocalist. 

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, please email our worship minister, Bri Orozco at brianna@cylifechurch.com

Please note:

+ we do not pay musicians or have residency worship leaders

+ you must call CyLife church your home church


Below you can see our needs and the spots left to fill.

Choir vocalists will be used a couple times a year for special events (at this point in our tech capacity).