Thomas Savage

Worship Associate

My family

My wife, Jessica, and I got married at the start of 2022, and we have a little one on the way expected mid July.

My story

I was born in September 1999 in Woodlands, Texas, and was quickly adopted into the loving Savage family. My Dad worked full-time and served as a deacon in most of the churches we went to growing up and my Mom was a stay-at-home Mom and an entrepreneur. I have 2 brothers, both adopted from different families, and I am stuck as the middle child. During my childhood, I was exposed to both public and homeschooling. My parents intentionally instilled that we were all holy chosen and dearly loved by Jesus, and as long as we walked with Him we would always be sure that we were on the right road. Even when things get hard. That direction wasn't always the one I chose. Despite growing up in a loving home, I still struggle to feel seen and relevant among my friends and family. It always felt like my younger brother got whatever he wanted, and my older brother did everything right. This led me to act out with a lot of anger, frustration, and defiance. Trying to grab attention.

I got my first guitar when I was only nine and a half, and by the time I was ten, I could play a whole bunch of worship songs and helped with the worship in the kid's ministry in my church. When I was 13 I was asked to help lead worship on a mission trip to Amarillo, and had a chance to see the impact the love and grace of Jesus can have just by being present to so many who had so little. Even though I “grew up Christian”, I didn't fully understand my need for Jesus until He chose to use me to share Himself with these kids and their families on this trip. At the end of the week as a fun expedition we as a team went to Palo Duro Canyon, and it was there with my legs hanging off the edge, that with a friend, I gave my life to Christ.  

I continued to sing and play wherever and whenever I could, including other churches and open mic nights. I was blessed with opportunities like going to Toby Mac's worship camp in Nashville. I went on staff at a small church in Fulshear, TX as their Tech and Media Coordinator. In the three years I was there, I met my wife and found a huge passion for ministry. A year and a half after being hired God had a new season for me and through a friend's invitation, I came to Cylife and started being discipled.  I found so much growth through the authentic love of Jesus I was shown by the people here, and started serving wherever I was needed. After a while, I started praying for God to open up a door to hop back into full-time ministry, and after 5 years since I left ministry God brought me on staff.  


Psalms 33:3


Sushi, Stake, BBQ, Arnold Palmers, and COFFEE.


Carpentry, eating delicious food, and spending time with my family and friends.


Family walks and chasing after my toddlers


Mint, Smoked Bacon