Join Pastor Bob, staff, elders & spouses for lunch & fellowship, & find out more about our process.


We’re glad you’ve chosen to find out more about CyLife Church. This class is the basic introduction to our church family. Since we have partners from many different church backgrounds, this class was designed to clearly explain who and what our church is: our HISTORY; our BELIEFS; our DOCTRINE; our MISSION; our CHURCH STRUCTURE; and finally, how we define DISCIPLESHIP.

During this class, we’ll discuss what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus. You’ll learn what our “negotiables” and “non-negotiables” are—what we believe is and isn’t a salvation issue. We’ll discuss the role the church plays in our lives and how important each of you are to the mission of the Church: Making Disciples.


Whether you’ve been in church all your life, have been away for a while, or this is all a new experience for you, we hope you’ll enjoy your time here, ask questions, share freely during discussions, and find the booklet helpful.


Every high school, college and professional sports team has a playbook. The purpose of Partnership Class is to provide you with our playbook to create a common language and common purpose. With a playbook, the team can execute a unified plan.

We start these classes with a luncheon where you get to hear from Pastor Bob and meet the staff and other future partners.