Isai Orozco

Creative Media Arts

My family

Married to my wife Bri for 9 years and have 3 beautiful children, Willow, Woven, and Zion.

My story

Grew up in a Spanish-speaking, Pentecostal church-attending home and accepted Jesus as my savior at the age of 7. My family bounced from church to church, isolated and never valued community. I found a passion for drums and went to college at 17 to pursue that dream. I got to accomplish many things as a musician and being a successful drummer became my identity. In my early 20s I continued to bounce from church to church & while I loved the Lord, I didn’t know how to walk with him. I thought being a Christian was just about having a lot of knowledge and striving to impress God. I had no understanding or experience with the importance of living life in community with God AND with people. My girlfriend (now my wife) invited me to experience community & Jesus in a relational way at her church’s college group and my life began to change. I learned what being a disciple meant, went on a journey of my identity being found in Christ alone and finally got to experience the blessing of doing life with people as God designed us to do. I am very humbled to use my creativity to serve the Church and I am passionate about lonely people getting to encounter the fullness of joy Jesus offers as we walk through life in authentic relationship with others.


Romans 8:38


Sushi, tacos & Coke Zero


Playing music, sleight of hand magic, photography and film, trying new foods, and watching documentaries


Family walks and chasing after my toddlers


Stress Away essential oil, coffee and BBQ