When God speaks, it is Holy Ground.

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We are all flawed

I love being on my church staff of flawed, vulnerable, not content to stay the way we are, daily seeking Jesus people.

We were sharing this past week in staff meeting about the Holy Spirit and how we recognize Him because He is ALWAYS accessible to us. We don’t have to be in an actual church building or in worship service to have access or to hear from the Holy Spirit. We recognize His voice because we are in relationship with him daily, and He speaks in both simple and profound ways. I’m always in AWE that the Creator of the Universe speaks to me!

Holy Ground

About an hour into our discussion I shared about a time I heard God speak so clearly, and how the place where God spoke became Holy Ground for me.

Formerly, I was on staff at a church where ministry was growing and thriving, and people were growing in their walk with Jesus! Then seven years in, I heard clearly from God that I was to “step aside” to allow Him to move someone else into my position. After asking God why, with the support of my husband, and convincing of our Lead Pastor that I was certain I had heard from God; in obedience, I resigned.


I had faith that God would provide for me, He knew our sons were in college and that I really needed to find another job, and He had assured me that He would take care of me. But as the weeks wore on, I found myself impatient and crying out to God daily, reminding Him that I had been obedient and wanting to know when He going to come through for me?

God Speaks

One day I was making a Sam’s Club run, I grabbed a cart and started walking through the store, my body hunched over the cart, my head down and despondent. I was having a gigantic pity party, and once again I was asking God if it had slipped His mind that I needed a job. Just then, right there, in front of the freezer section, God spoke! He said, “Daughter, lift up your head! When have I ever failed you?”


I immediately recognized His voice, He addressed me as “Daughter, He addressed my countenance, “lift up your head”, and He answered my question by asking me a question, “when have I ever failed you?” Right there in the middle of Sam’s Club, in the freezer section, God spoke, and I was standing on Holy Ground! A couple of days later, in His perfect timing, God did provide a new position for me at a church where I have served in many capacities for the last 14 years.

Highlight big takeaway: “lift up your head”


Holy Ground for you might be in your home, your car, a place of business, your church, in small group, in nature, or anywhere that the Creator of the Universe has spoken. But even now, when I have to make a Sam’s Club run, I

make sure to swing by the freezer section, stand there for a minute or two, and remember that God speaks, and ANYWHERE He speaks is Holy Ground!